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    2019 Beauty Resolutions – New Year, New You!

    New year, new you. That’s what we normally tell ourselves! Sticking to a new workout or diet regime as part of your new year’s resolution might seem scary, so why not use 2019 as the year to focus on implementing a beauty resolution instead? It can be very easy to incorporate into any busy lifestyle, whether you want to completely overhaul your beauty routine or make some small changes then now is the time to start.

    Freshen up your routine with some simple beauty tips:


    Drink more water

    Drinking more water has so many benefits to offer. Its supports with your overall health and hydrates your skin, nails and hair. Aim to drink at least 2 litres a day.


    Get more beauty sleep

    Not sleeping enough? Lack of sleep may have a negative impact on your skin. Research indicates those who get a regular 8 hours sleep are more attractive! To maximise your beauty sleep, remember to remove all your make up as this can lead to clogged pores.


    Eat healthier

    Cut out the sugary foods as this can add years to your skin. Try and incorporate healthy fats like salmon, avocado, salmon and nuts into your diet, they are great for supporting healthy hair, skin and nail growth.


    Throw out old products

    Start with a clean slate and get rid of beauty products and makeup that haven’t been used in the past 6 months. Old make up and products can harbour bacteria which won’t do your skin any favours, your skin can also get used to these meaning that your skincare products could no longer be working.


    Wash your make up brushes

    Dirty make up brushes will increase your chances of breakouts and irritations. Set a reminder on your phone to clean them properly once a week to get rid of any product build up, lingering dirt and bacteria.


    Cleanse properly

    One of the most important beauty steps is ensuring your skin is properly cleansed. The key is removing the dirt and bacteria without over-cleansing. Use a gently PH neutral and chemical free cleanser for every day cleansing, followed by exfoliating once a week for oily skin and twice a week for dry skin to maintain a healthy and bacteria free glow.


    Use a daily SPF

    No matter the weather you should always protect your face with a sunscreen or a product containing SPF as it will save you from sun damage and dark posts years down the line.


    Buy products with natural and organic ingredients

    Switch to using chemical free products and they won’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants, thus may prevent any skin irritations such as redness, allergies, breakouts and premature aging. Switching to natural products is quick and a great way to help the environment.