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    8 Skin Care Tips for This Winter

    Your skin needs some extra care in the winter, the harsh, cold weather can take its toll on your skin. This 8 step winter skin care routine will revitalise your skin and leave it protected from the cold, leaving it soft and smooth, and free of irritation.


    We all love to take long hot showers and baths in the winter to heat up but this could in fact be harmful to your skin. Washing in lukewarm water ensures you strip away as little oils from the skin as possible.


    It’s very important to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells will allow your skin to absorb more moisture. If we don’t exfoliate regularly the dead skin cells build up and stop moisture from getting into the skin increasing the chances or dry, irritated skin. Using an exfoliator followed directly by a moisturiser will ensure the best results.

    Algovital Soft Peeling Gel softly removes dead keratin cells on your skin, restoring your skin to a smooth and clear condition.


    Cleansers can be harsh and drying on the skin therefore they should be used along with a matching toner. After cleansing, the skin shouldn’t be left for more than 30 seconds before applying the toner and essence, this helps to seal the moisture into the skin. Cleansers that contain moisturising ingredients are the best to use in winter.

    Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Cleanser is a clean and pure cleanser that leaves the skin refreshed. It protects the skin from irritation, harmful chemicals and unfriendly environments.

    Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion is a clean, clear and pure toning lotion. Suitable for all skin types, it’s “8 free elements” in the ingredients soothe sensitive and irritable skin whilst moisturising and toning.

    Algovital Angel Pure Essence is a non-sticky yet highly moisturising essence that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean. This pure water-based essence is suitable for all skin types and protects from harmful chemicals and environments.


    Choosing the right moisturiser for your skin is very important, some moisturisers can contain many ingredients that may dry out your skin further. The moisturiser you use in summer may not necessarily be the right one for you in winter. A moisturiser with more natural and nourishing ingredients that is oil-based rather than water-based will be better to ensure the skin is kept hydrated all day.

    Algovital Angel Moisturising Cream helps to restore damaged skin with nutrients obtained from 5 different types of germinating sprout extracts. The cream balances oil and moisture, allowing vitality to be regained, and soothes fatigued and irritated skin.

    1. PROTECT

    Your skin needs protected from outdoor elements even in the winter. Wearing gloves and scarves to cover as much of your skin as possible is a habit you should get into. This helps protect your skin as much as possible during the winter months. It’s not just the harsh, cold winter days we need to protect our skin from but also the winter sun. This can be equally as dangerous as the summer sun. Wearing a decent sun cream will ensure your skin is still protected from the sun, even in winter. Many moisturisers also contain sun protection.

    Algovital White Sun Protection Cream is a dual function skincare product that brightens and protects skin from harmful UV rays (SPF50/PA).


    Moisturising your skin at night is just as important, if not more important, than moisturising in the morning. A good, deep moisturiser should be applied at night before bed, this ensures your skin remains hydrated through the night. Remember to apply on those particularly dry areas around your feet, elbows and knees.

    Algovital Multi Action Cream contains essential cell proteins which actively restore, reconstruct and rejuvenate skin cells. Natural emulsifiers optimise moisturising condition, revitalising and soothing the skin.

    Algovital Angel Light Body Lotion contains natural botanic oil and shea butter that leaves skin soft, moist and smooth.


    Facemasks are a great way to help lock in moisture across the winter months. With a wide range of facemasks available, it’s difficult to know which is the right one for your skin. We have the answer.

    Algovital Angel Nourishing Mask can be used daily before applying make-up, a quick 20-minute facial and you’re good to go.

    Algovital Angel Fresh Mist can be used along with any of our facemasks. It can also be applied over make up to keep you moisturised through-out the day as well as ensuring your make-up will last longer!


    You should avoid using allergens and irritants on your skin, especially if suffering from eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. Your skin is more fragile in winter, therefore better care should be taken to ensure the right products are being used on your skin.

    All Algovital Angel products include ingredients made to brighten and hydrate skin. They are made from a multitude of prudently selected natural resources through careful thought, research and development.