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    Back to basics with your skincare – expert tips from Algovital Angel

    Skincare can get complex. When shopping there are millions of products on the shelves and picking the right ones for your skin can be overwhelming. A recent survey suggests the average woman uses a minimum of 16 products every day.

    However, it doesn’t need to be. No matter what age you are or how hectic your lifestyle is, it’s never too late to start or to get yourself into a simple routine.

    The easiest way to maintain healthy skin that looks younger and more radiant is by following a routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toner and moisturising. This routine can help your make up look better and stay on longer.  It turns out that if you skip prepping your skin for makeup, you could end up with clogged pores and suffer from breakouts as well as having to do more touch ups through out the day.

    Check out these points for maintaining flawless radiant skin.


    Cleansing should be the first step in your skin care routine, morning and night. A gentle cleanser will help wash away substances such as oil and dirt that can lead to clogged pores and dull skin. Choose one that has a low PH to maintain your skins natural acidic balance.



    Add exfoliation once or twice a week to your routine. This process will help remove dead skin and cell build up which can leave your complexion looking dull. Your skin should feel smoother and look healthier. Be careful not to over exfoliate as it can strip away too many layers and cause dryness.



    A toner helps removes any excess oil and dead skin cells as well as being a great way to refresh and replenish your skin. Applying a toner with clean hands is most efficient. Just pour  a few drops into your hands then swipe on. Alternatively soak a cotton pad and sweep across your skin. Toners can be used morning and night.




    A serum/essence is a skin care product that you apply to your skin before moisturiser with the intent of delivering a potent shot of ingredients directly to your skin. It is not intended to replace your daily moisturiser but supplement it. Serums are designed to absorb into your skin quickly and completely, while reducing redness, visible signs of aging, repair skin damage and hydration and assisting with collagen production.



    No matter what skin type you have, making sure your skin is hydrated is another vital step in your skincare routine. A lightweight moisturiser will be absorbed easily, resulting in softer, healthier skin morning and night. Pick a moisturiser that is formulated for your skin type and smooth this over your face and neck. Healthy and hydrated skin can prevent makeup flaking.

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