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    Healthy Summer Skin, Algovital Angel UK’s 6 Best Tips

    The sun is finally shining, and we couldn’t be happier, however it can come with its disadvantages. The hot summer months can mean a change to your normal skincare routine, we must become more aware of the UVA/B levels. Of course, we are at risk of UVA/B rays all year round, but it becomes more damaging during the hot days where we are exposed to higher levels. For more information about the effects of UVA/B rays, click here to read our blog.

    Algovital Angel UK have put together 6 useful tips to help you and your skin stay healthy during the summer months.

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    1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

    You may be thinking that now the colder months are over, your skin won’t be so dry. Wrong, moisturising is just as important in the summer as it is during any other season. The summer heat dehydrates your body and without realising it your skin becomes very dry and more prone to damage and dullness. Choose a lightweight moisturiser and get applying! Use a small amount morning and night and be sure to cover your whole face. The moisturiser will also act as a barrier to air pollutants, bacteria and sunburn.

    Don’t forget your lips either. The skin on your lips is also sensitive to the sun. Use a lip balm with SPF protection and apply generously throughout the day.

    1. Exfoliate Weekly

    Exfoliating is key to healthy looking skin throughout this season. We recommend exfoliating once or twice every week to get rid of any accumulated dead skin that has built up over time and is clogging up your pores. Be careful however; over exfoliating can lead to redness, rashes and breakouts. Always apply your exfoliator in circular motions and preferably in the evenings when you skin is more relaxed after a hard day’s work.

    1. Drink up!

    By drink up we don’t mean the gin, although that’s good now and again, we mean water! In the hot weather, we are prone to sweating, which means our cells are losing water constantly. Staying hydrated couldn’t be more important. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration.

    1. Wear Sun Cream

    Summer, it’s the time to kick back and relax outdoors but not without the correct protection. Sun rays are present throughout the year but become more damaging during the summer months. It is these UVA rays that lead to multiple skin problems and conditions such as dry skin, brown spots, fine lines and even skin cancer. Apply generous layers of sun cream regularly on daily basis, of at least SPF 30 to stay protected. Cover every inch of your skin that is exposed or risk the burn!

    Other protective measures you should take whilst in the sun include limiting your exposure, take refuge in shaded areas at peak times between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Wear lighter, longer clothes to protect your skin and consider buying a wide brimmed hat to protect your face from all angles. It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping for a while new summer wardrobe!

    1. Cleanse Twice a Day

    During the summer, humidity in the air can cause a build up of sweat on your face. We advise using a facial cleanser every morning and night. Doing this twice every day will keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed. Cleansing will also help get rid of the darker pores that appear during summer.

    1.   Eat Well

    Diet, it was bound to be mentioned at some point. An additional intake of healthy foods such as raw or boiled vegetables, along with plenty of fruit, nuts, oily fish and water off course into your diet, can do wonders for natural glowing and healthy-looking skin.  Choose salads and include different flavours of smoothies and juices to keep things exciting.