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    Men, Take Care of Your Skin

    It has been recognised for many years that men’s general skincare routine consisted of a bar of soap, warm water and a splash of aftershave. However, recent trends have shown that this typical male skincare routine has taken a shift. More and more men are turning to a more meaningful skincare regime. They are finally realising the benefits of looking after their skin and we couldn’t be happier.

    As research has shown there is only one clear difference between the skin of women and the skin of men, it’s physiology. Men’s skin is thicker and tends to be a lot oilier. This is said to be the reason why men have felt the need to wash their face with soap and water rather than with good skincare. Unknown to them however, this is having a detrimental effect on their skin, soap and water removes the natural moisture instead of enhancing it.

    The above, partnered with those who shave on a regular basis, results in the skin of men worldwide to become dry and sensitive opening it up to ongoing skin issues such as acne, extreme dehydration, dullness and shaving ingrowths.

    As previously mentioned we’ve seen a recent change in men’s skincare routines, however, there is still a huge percentage of men using the dreadful soap and wate. Together with Algovital Angel UK we can change this, one man and his skincare routine at a time.

    We have the perfect daily routine for all you men out there to try out, we guarantee you’ll see results in 4 weeks or less. Your skin will become healthier and more vibrant, giving you a natural glow at minimum effort. Join the current male skincare craze, follow our daily routine below for the results you want.

    First up in your new daily routine is our Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Cleanser.

    Our Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Cleanser is a clean and pure cleanser that leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It protects from irritation, harmful chemicals and unfriendly environments.

    Use a generous amount of foam daily to wash away any built-up dirt and residue on the skin. We advise using after shaving as this cleanser is designed to reduce irritation and helps your skin retain its natural moisture.

    The next step is to use the Algovital Angel Soft Peeling Gel.

    Algovital Soft Pelling Gel softly removes dead keratin cells on your skin, restoring it to a smooth and clear condition. Although we have added this into your daily skincare routine we would advise using the Soft Peeling Gel just once a week.

    Spread the gel all over your face, avoiding eyes and mouth. Rub in circular motions with your fingertips to remove dead skin cells. Wash off with warm water to leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

    After using the Soft Peeling Gel, use the Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion.

    Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion is a clean, clear and pure toning lotion that leaves you feeling refreshed. It protects the skin from irritation and harmful chemicals within our environment. The ingredients are designed to soothe sensitive and irritable skin whilst moisturising and toning.

    Using a cotton pad apply Algovital Angel Toning Lotion generously and evenly all over the face and neck.

    After the Clear Toning Lotion stage follow with the Algovital Angel Pure Essence.

    Algovital Angel Pure Essence is a non-sticky yet highly moisturising essence that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. This pure water-based essence, like our toning lotion, is suitable for all skin types and protects against harmful chemicals within our environment.

    Using your hands, apply the Pure Essence all over your face and neck and leave to soak into your skin naturally. This will happen in seconds and leave your skin feeling bright and healthy.

    The next stage is one of the most important, moisturise using the Algovital Angel Moisturising Cream.

    Algovital Angel Moisturising Cream helps restore damaged skin with nutrients obtained from five different types of germinating sprout extracts. The cream balances oil and moisture effectively allowing vitality to be regained and soothes fatigued and irritated skin.

    Apply a good amount of the moisturising cream over your face and neck using your hands.

    And finally, as a protection precaution, the Algovital White Sun Protection Cream.

    Algovital White Sun Protection Cream is a dual function skincare product that brightens skin from harmful UV rays (SPF50/PA). Nourish, protect and soothe skin with our sun protection cream.

    Apply generously over face and neck to ensure all day protection from harmful UV rays.

    If you or someone you know is still using the dreaded soap and water technique tell them to stop! Share this blog and get them using our natural Algovital Angel products and they’ll notice the difference within the month. Spread the word!