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    Microbeads and its Dangers

    The UK have finally addressed the issue regarding the eight million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans each year. 1% of this is down to microbeads, in particular microbeads within skincare and beauty products. To put that 1% into perspective, this is estimated to be between 93,000 and 236,000 metric tons. So, it is no surprise that the use of microbeads in many products have now been banned in the UK as of 9th January 2018.

    We are all guilty of this crime, how much plastic have you flushed down the toilet for example? Around 100,000 microbeads are flushed away in one single shower use alone. They then find their way into our oceans where our fish mistaken them for fish eggs, a stable part of their diet, and digest the plastic. Unsurprisingly, this has led to the death of many marine life worldwide. The ongoing ocean problems don’t stop there however but continue in our eating habits. In the UK alone, we consume 1.1 million tonnes of fish each year. This means we are ultimately digesting the plastics we are putting into our oceans through the consumption of fish.

    Not only are the microbeads harmful to our oceans and environment they are also harmful to our skin. When using products containing microbeads the plastic can cause small tears to our skin which can allow bacteria to enter and cause infection. They can also get lodged in our pores leading to skin damage and scarring.

    Although the ban has now been put in place, manufacturers have until July to ensure microbeads are removed from all products. This means it is still possible to purchase products which contain these harmful plastics.

    The Algovital Soft Peeling Gel is an effective exfoliator free of any toxic chemicals and of course has zero traces of any microbeads.

    It softly removes dead keratin cells on your skin, restoring your skin to a smooth and clear condition. The natural cellulose and papaya enzymes in the gel gently peel dirt off ensuring no damage is done to your skin. Washing off the gel with water leaves a clean, hydrating feeling because of the hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, rose water and lipidure-PMB in the gel. The combination of botanic ingredients (rosemary, chamomile, knotweed, skullcap, centella asiatica, green tea) and Vitamin E oil protects the skin, keeping it soft. These natural extracts also calm the skin, giving it more elasticity and vibrancy. Regular use of the gel will energize and revitalize the skin.

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