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    Our Story

    About Mioki Cosmetics

    After spending a hectic 11 years in the IT/Telecom industries across many different countries, my skin condition varied due to ongoing stress and the constant change in climates. I noticed that over time my make-up cupboard had gradually filled up with the latest “hot” brands from various airports. I continued to control my varying skin conditions with these brands until I had 2 lovely babies within 5 years.

    It was after my 2nd baby that my skin became unmanageable. It became very dry and started to break out more often. At this point, none of my “hot” branded products worked. I can’t remember how many products I went through in an attempt to find a solution, it wasn’t until I discovered Angel skincare that everything changed.

    It was my close friend who is also co-founder of Angel Algovital in Singapore who introduced me to Angel skincare. I’m hooked, I’ve been using Angel for over 2 years and my skin has never been better. It’s so much clearer and smoother with a constant healthy glow. I get so many great compliments on how great my skin looks and that’s all down to Angel skincare. I couldn’t be more thankful.

    It’s not too late to treat your skin better, try our skincare today and feel better every day!

    We are the sole distributor/wholesaler for the UK and can deliver to Europe.

    Why Algovital Angel?

    Algovital Korea Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specialises in high quality cosmetics and pharmaceutical skincare products for men and women.

    Our products are made from a multitude of carefully selected natural resources, utilising careful thought, research and development.

    We are also one of the leading manufacturers of stem cell skincare products, developing high quality products through our technical expertise and close collaboration with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. We have been collaborating with the biochemistry department of Busan National University in South Korea to develop new natural ingredients for skincare products.

    Angel Algovital comes from the French phrase ‘Algorithme Vital’, meaning vital algorithm, which is a means of solving the problems of well-being. Therefore, Algovital refers to the start of life and to beauty, which arises through the care of skin.

    Each of our precious ingredients is used to create products that achieve beautiful skin. Angel Algovital’s ingredients are free from harmful elements, making Angel Algovital safe for all skin types and ages.

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