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    The Perfect Valentine’s Day

    January has finally ended and we couldn’t be happier. It’s felt like a life time but it is finally over and February is here! And what’s the first big event you think of in February, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone but with just 7 days to go love is well and truly in the air. When we think of Valentine’s day, and you’re probably the same, the first thing we think about is the love between 2 people, you and your partner. However, we are quick to overlook that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples it celebrates the love between friends and family too.

    So, why not ditch your partner and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your closest friends. A girl’s night in, what could be better. And we have the perfect Algovital Angel girl’s night in regime to help you get planning!

    First of all, you’re going to need a table worth of snacks and a pile of your favourite movies. The first 2 essentials for a great girl’s night in of course.

    Next up, your beauty regime. As you have probably heard Algovital Angel is your one stop shop for everything face and body, making us the only place to go when organising a beauty evening in with some of your best friends. Our Algovital Angel 5 step regime is quick and easy to follow and will have you and your friends skin feeling gorgeous this Valentine’s Day!

    Step 1 – Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion

    The Algovital Angel Clear Toning Lotion is a clean and pure lotion that will leave your skin feeling refreshed. Suitable for all skin types, this toning lotion also protects skin from irritation and harmful chemicals in our environment including our cold winter weather.

    Using a cotton pad apply the Algovital Angel Toning Lotion generously and evenly all over the face and neck.

    Step 2 – Add a second layer

    Repeat step 1. This time use your hands and gently apply the toning lotion by tapping it on the face and neck.

    Step 3 – Algovital Angel Pure Essence

    The Algovital Angel Pure Essence is a non-sticky yet highly moisturising essence that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. This pure water-based essence, like our toning lotion, is suitable for all skin types and protects against harmful chemicals within our environment.

    Using your hands, apply the Pure Essence all over your face and neck and leave to soak into skin naturally. This will happen in seconds.

    Step 4 – Add a second layer

    Repeat step 3. Add a second layer of our Pure Essence on your face and neck using your hands.

    Step 5 – Algovital Angel Moisturising Cream

    The Algovital Angel Moisturising Cream helps restore damaged skin with nutrients obtained from 5 different types of germinating sprout extracts. The cream balances oil and moisture effectively allowing vitality to be regained, and soothes fatigued and irritated skin.

    Following steps 1 to 4 apply the moisturising cream on face and neck generously using your hands.

    These 5 simple steps should be used on a daily basis, morning and night to maintain glowing, healthy skin. We suggest repeating steps 1 and 3 before moisturising to allow your skin to absorb more of the hydrating ingredients.

    What’s a girl’s beauty night in without a good facemask. We recommend one of our favourites, the Healing Therapy Bio Cellulose Mask. This Algovital Healing Therapy Bio Cellulose Mask is a natural; gel mask with advanced biotechnology. The concentrated nutrients in the mask create a ritualizing and soothing effect on the skin. The prefect face mask for your girl’s night in.

    Enjoy your Valentines night in ladies! And if you want any additional information on any of our products don’t hesitate to get in touch (include link).