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    Skin care products for the family

    Your skin is the largest organ in your body. How do you keep your skin happy? A little care and consideration of course! It’s easy to take your skin and your family’s skin for granted and unless there is a problem, you may not think about it much. Your skin has an important job to do by constantly protecting you. Your family’s skin is precious. Taking care of the well-being and appearance of their skin today can help prevent future problems.

    The Algovital Angel range is perfect for your family. Increasingly you want to know what’s in the bottles, jars and tubs you have on your dressing table or bathroom cabinet. Our ingredients are free from eight harmful elements, making the entire range safe for all skin types and ages.

    Free from fragrance, ethanol, surfactant, mineral oil, paraben, benzophenone, animal products and colorants, Algovital Angel offers high quality skincare range at a gentle price. The unique ingredients are packed full of nutritious essential active ingredients, made from a multitude of prudently selected natural resources through careful thoughts, research and development. Discover the ingredients that are making a difference at Our Ingredients Page.

    You and your family will love some of these products from Algovital Range:


    Algovital Angel 3-step Set for Adults

    Enjoy a trio of products that work together to moisturize, soothe, tone, hydrate and brighten your skin while offering protection from harmful chemicals and environment. The powerful nutrient extracts obtained from the key ingredients are from 5 different types of germinating sprouts, making these trio of products a must have in your beauty cabinet.

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    Algovital 3 step

    Algovital Angel Soft Foaming Body Cleanser for Adults

    This is a pure and refreshing cleanser which revitalizes and protects delicate skin from harmful chemicals and environments. The natural botanic ingredients in the foaming cleanser moisturize and cleanse without irritating the skin.

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    Algovital Angel light Body Lotion for Adults

    Algovital Angel Gentle Body Lotion contains natural botanic oil and shea butter that leaves skin soft, moist and smooth. The lotion’s perfect balance of oil and water restores the skin to its natural healthy state while the “8 free elements” in the ingredients soothe sensitive and irritable skin.

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    Soft Body Cleansing Foam for Babies

    A natural body cleanser that can be shared by parents and babies. The foaming cleanser revitalises and protects delicate skin from daily environmental factors, and the natural botanic ingredients not only cleanse the skin but help to moisturise and calm irritation.

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    Algovital Angel Natural Body Lotion for Babies

    Containing nutrients from 5 different types of germinating sprouts, this lotion is ideal for the whole family. The natural botanic oil and shea butter in this product leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soft, and smooth.

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    Feel the difference with Angel Algovital. For Her, For Him, For US.

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