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    Your Skin’s Turnover Cycle, What to Expect

    Did you know that your skin is categorised as an organ? In fact, your skin is the largest organ of the body, it consists of 3 layers, these include; the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous. The top layer of your skin is called the epidermis layer and consists of dead skin cells that are continuously falling or washing off. Don’t worry though, it’s not as bad as it sounds as our skin is a very intelligent organ. The top epidermis layer instantly replaces the lost cells with new ones which are created in the lower portion of the epidermis. This is what is known as the skin rejuvenation cycle or the turnover cycle.

    The skin rejuvenation cycle slows as we age, it takes about 28 days for the average adult. In other words, our skin cell production and replacement take roughly a month. It gradually slows over time as our skin ages, slowing to 45-60 days between ages 40 and 50, and about 60-90 days for over 50’s. See our skin turnover cycle table below for more information.

    Age           Turnover Cycle

    Infants       3 – 5 days
    19 – 21        14 – 21 days
    30 – 40       28- 45 days
    40 – 50       45-60 days
    50 +            60 – 90 days

    It is advised that, to help the skin cycle, we should exfoliate. This will aid the skin in getting rid of the accumulated dead skin cells on the epidermis layer. As we age it becomes more important to exfoliate. So how often should you exfoliate? Depending on your skin type, we recommend exfoliating in your daily skincare routine. Gentle exfoliation daily is an important part of your skin’s regular cleansing process. As mentioned the more you exfoliate to get rid of your dead skin cells, the better. But don’t overdo it, the words gentle exfoliation should be taken into consideration. Some exfoliators may damage your skin, so take care and remember to read all packaging carefully before using. For those who have sensitive skin or for anyone who hasn’t exfoliated in a while, ease into it. Don’t jump in and attempt exfoliating every day, try once or twice a week initially for your skin to get used to exfoliation and increase gradually when you feel ready. If your skin is oily or if you exercise on a regular basis we would again recommend that you exfoliate daily.

    As you know there are many brands out there to choose from when it comes to exfoliating. But which one should you go for? As experts in skincare we would always advise you go for our luxury natural skincare products. We guarantee our products are free from harmful ingredients and offer perfect genderless skincare for all skin types.

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