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    Our Summer Survival Kit

    It’s happening, the season we’ve all been waiting for, Summer! Although summer brings walks on the beach, holidays and barbeques it’s also important to remain aware of the impact the hot summer days are having on your skin. With the increase in temperatures and harmful UV rays can cause skin irritations, become more at risk of sunburn and pores becoming clogged due to sweat.

    During the short summer months our skin is exposed to four times the damage it is throughout the rest of the year. Are you ready to face the summer sun? If not, don’t worry there is still time to get yourself prepared. With Algovital Angel UK we have the perfect summer survival kit that will keep you and your skin protected as well as looking healthy and fresh. Check out our summer essentials below.

    1. Algovital White Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 – Are you struggling to find a sun cream that isn’t greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin? Look no further as we have the perfect sun cream for you. Our Algovital White Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 feels light on the skin and is a dual function skincare product that will moisturise as well as protect skin from harmful UV rays. This amazing combination is everything you could ever ask for in one bottle and ensures your skin remains balanced and hydrated no matter how hot it gets. Natural, balanced ingredients aid the clearing up and brightening of your skin tone meaning your skin looks and feels for healthy every summer day.

    2. Algovital Angel Fresh Mist – A water-based mist, this is guaranteed to replenish moisture and hydrates the skin with every use. Our mist is the perfect go to when things heat up over the summer months. It’s the perfect size meaning you can take it everywhere and spray when required to leave your skin feeling cool, clean and refreshed without that dreaded stickiness feeling. The natural elements within the ingredients soothe sensitive and irritable skin; common side effects of sun exposure. Better yet, our Fresh Mist can be sprayed before and after the application of make-up, something most of us can’t live without. Spray before to make the application easier and after to keep your make-up looking fresh all day long as well as enhancing your already bright and healthy skin.

    Algovital Angel Fresh Mist - 50ml

    3. Hanbishu Aqua Mask – A nourishing, hydrating and moisturising sheet mask is just what your skin will need after a hard day’s work in the sun. And believe us your skin will have been working hard to tackle its effects. The Hanbishu Aqua Mask contains deep ocean water from 200 metres below the ocean. The unpolluted deep ocean water contains over 70 different types of minerals all of which are beneficial to our body and aids in hydrating the skin. The added benefit to this incredible sheet mask is its ingredients. Every natural ingredient within this sheet mask is delicate and helps calm and clear sensitive skin. It’s the perfect end to a hot day.

    Hanbishu Aqua Mask (Hydrating & Moisturizing) (1 Sheet)

    Click here to view our online shop today where you can purchase our summer essentials. If you have any queries about any of our Algovital Angel UK products please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact Miok on info@ianm85.sg-host.com who can also provide expert advice on our summer products must haves.