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    The benefits of Mush-Glucans in your beauty products

    Have you heard of mush- glucans? This ingredient is starting to pop up in more and more skin care products, and our skin care products will now contain this super ingredient!

    Let Algovital Angel explain what mush- glucans it is how can benefit your skin.

    Beta-Glucans are a type of soluble fibre that occurs naturally within different food sources, they can be found in oats, cereal grains, and most notably mushrooms and fungi. Whilst the benefits of beta-glucans from sources such as oats is well documented, researchers are now saying that there may be huge untapped potential in the beta-glucans found within mushrooms and fungi.

    But what exactly are the benefits? Mush-glucan’s have been found to have immune-boosting benefits, making it tougher for bacteria to find their way into your body. Mush-glucan’s can do this thanks to their ability to increase the activity of your body’s macrophages. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that guard your body against pathogens and destroying any bacteria they come across.

    As well as the immune boosting effects of mush-glucans, the boost to your body’s macrophages also provide a multitude of benefits for your skin. They speed up wound healing time, lower infection rate, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and most importantly, soothe the skin by reducing inflammation.

    As well as all this, you can’t ignore the significant benefit mush-glucans provide by being high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for any skin-care routine as they help protect you against pre-mature aging. They do this by neutralising free-radical cells, which prevents unnecessary damage to your skin cells. Antioxidants, and by extension mush-glucans are essential to your routine because your body doesn’t produce them naturally, as well as the fact that we’re subjected to oxidative stress from exposure to the sun as well as pollution, every day.

    So, it’s clear that mush-glucans are practically a super food for your skin, that provides a whole host of benefits for you both inside and out. The good news for you is that Algovital Angel has now replaced water content in its angel collection, with mush-glucans! Now you can get all the other beneficial effects of the whole angel range, with the added benefit of mush-glucans!