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    The Importance of Baby Skincare

    Your baby’s skin is not just amazingly soft, it is also a unique and essential shield that offers protection from the outside world.

    Your baby’s skin plays an important role in maintaining their health and in defending it against irritants, germs and bacteria. Skin also regulates your baby’s internal temperature and is a tool for exploring the world through touch.

    Your baby’s skin is different to your own adult skin. It may look perfect, but it is very delicate so it needs extra special care throughout the first years of life.

    In comparison to adult’s skin, baby’s skin:

    • Is about 30% thinner
    • Can lose moisture faster
    • Is more sensitive and prone to irritation
    • Absorbs and loses water at a faster rate
    • It is more delicate so needs more protection from environmental changes and harsh cleansers. So when caring for your little one, it is recommended that you use a mild and gentle cleanser and moisturizer that are developed especially for babies.

    We have got the products for you:

    Angel Algovital Soft Body Cleansing Foam for Babies – 200ml £25.00

    This is a pure natural body cleanser that can also be shared by mothers and babies. The foaming cleanser revitalizes and protects delicate skin from harmful chemicals and environments. The natural botanic ingredients in the foaming cleanser moisturize and cleanse without irritating the skin.

    Angel Algovital Natural Body Lotion for Babies – 300g £32.00

    This is a pure lotion that can be shared by mothers and babies. The body lotion contains natural botanic oil and shea butter, leaving the skin soft, moist and smooth. The nutrients of germinating sprouts protect delicate skin from harmful chemicals and environments. The perfect balance of oil and water in the lotion keeps the skin healthy.

    Whether you’re bathing your baby or applying a moisturizer, you’re doing more than helping to keep his skin healthy. With your gentle hand, you’re also forming a special bond with your baby through the power of your touch.

    As your baby grows he’ll start to explore so you may need to wash his face and hands more often. It is best to use a cleanser that gently restores moisture to your baby’s skin.

    Your newborn’s skin must adapt from the water-like environment of your womb to the dryer environment after birth. The transition isn’t immediate, and your baby’s skin will continue to develop long after birth, which makes his skin more delicate than yours. Although baby’s skin can absorb moisture at a faster rate than adult skin, it can lose it faster, too which can leave your baby’s skin prone to dryness.  As their skin adapts to their new world, many newborns experience the following common skin conditions:

    Baby Acne

    Baby acne occurs in approximately 20% of all babies and may take the appearance of pimples, whiteheads or a minor rash. They aren’t itchy and won’t bother your baby. They are just the result of immature sweat glands, and possibly hormones from your pregnancy, and will disappear without treatment.  Baby acne generally resolves itself by the time your baby is six months to one year old but if not or if your baby’s condition is severe or you have concerns, be sure to talk to a healthcare professional.

    Skin Peeling

    You may also notice that your newborn’s skin peels slightly, especially on the palms of his hands, soles of his feet and his ankles. This is perfectly normal, especially if your baby was born past his due date. After a few days the peeling will go away. You can ask a healthcare professional if using a baby ointment or moisturizer might be helpful.

    Cradle Cap

    Some babies experience cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis, a skin condition that looks like crusty or scaly patches on the scalp or eyebrows. This is a very common condition that may begin in the first few weeks and usually lasts several weeks or months. Fortunately, it usually resolves completely when your baby is between eight and twelve months old.

    To help alleviate cradle cap, you can gently massage a moisturizer or oil onto the patches to soften the crust. Wait a few minutes, then comb gently to remove the flakes. Then you can shampoo with a gentle made-for-babies shampoo.

    Diaper Rash

    Most babies experience diaper rash at one time or another.

    Even though many of these conditions resolve on their own or with the help of Angel Algovital Soft Body Cleansing Foam for Babies and Angel Algovital Natural Body Lotion for Babies, if you do have any worries or concerns, it’s best to speak to a healthcare professional.