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    Top 5 Autumn Beauty Tips from Algovital Angel

    The change in season gives you the chance to repair your skin from any damage caused by the summer sun. It also allows you to prepare your skin for the cooler months ahead.


    After a long hot summer and exposure to the harsh rays which might have left your skin dry, flaky and looking dehydrated.  Autumn’s milder weather is the best time to repair some of the damage caused by the sun. The best way to treat this is by regularly exfoliating. By doing this, it removes any build-up of dead cells leaving your skin prepped to absorb more moisture.


    A super absorbent moisturiser is one of the most important products to have if you want to keep the dry skin at bay. Facial oils work well with all skin types and is the ideal solution to protect your skin against the colder elements of Autumn, as well locking in the moisture into your skin for longer. If you want to invest in a facial oil, choose one that is packed with antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C & E, omegas and essential oils for an all-round soothing hydrating cover for your skin.

    Analyse Your Skin

    When the season changes, we need to adapt our skin care to suit. This is the time when oily skin might turn drier or when dry skin suddenly breaks out. The colder months and decease in humidity can play havoc with your complexion. Take a fresh look at your skin care and re-organise your routine with extra skin care steps, if necessary.

    What skin type do you have? Look at the check list below to see the main characteristics of each major skin type. There are five main skin types  – oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive.

    Oily Skin

    • Large visible pores, especially around the nose, chin and forehead.
    • Frequent acne (black heads and white heads)
    • Visible shine usually appears by mid-day
    • Make up doesn’t stay on

    Dry Skin

    • Skin is usually tight and possibly flaky due to lack of moisture
    • Unnoticeable pores
    • Dull and rough complexion
    • More visible lines

    Normal Skin

    • Radiant complexion
    • No severe sensitivity
    • No or few imperfections
    • Not too dry or too oily and displays a smooth, rosy texture

    Sensitive Skin

    • Feeling of tightness and very itchy
    • Prone to redness, dryness, irritation and breakouts
    • Beauty products may sting and burn
    • Reacts to cold weather and sensitivity to UV Rays

    Combination Skin

    • Your skin exhibits traits of all above skin types
    • Oily central area (T-Zone) and dry or sensitive area on the cheeks
    • Blackheads and pimples can appear on the oily part of the skin

    If you’re unsure about your skin type, talking to a cosmetic consultant may resolve any questions you have about your skin.

    Remember the Sun Cream

    Sun cream is a daily essential, not just a summer supplement so don’t skimp when the weather gets cold. UVA rays, which are largely responsible for fine lines and skin aging, are just as strong in Autumn. Use a moisturiser with minimum SPF 15 and reapply with a facial sun cream throughout the day when necessary.

    Eat Well

    You can make a big difference to your skin by making some small changes to your diet. Drink two litres of water a day to protect your skin from succumbing to autumn dullness as well as eating a healthy balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruit and oily fish.