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    What are skin care ampoules and are they worth it?

    Ampoules are the heavy weights or superheroes of skin care, like a supercharged serum that delivers high potency of selected skin nourishing ingredients to a specific area. They are made to target issues such as brightening dark spots, combating signs of aging or hydrating dry skin. The serum comes packaged in a tiny airtight capsule (usually a biodegradable packaging) in just the right amount  for your complexion, meaning there is no wastage and no dipping your fingers into a pot of cream. They have a similar consistency to serums but are lightweight and non-greasy.

    You already cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise and know to apply serum before your moisturiser, so where does ampoules fit into your skin care routine?

    You have some options. Ampoules are packed full of concentrated ingredients to tackle a specific function in a mini boot camp style effect and it’s often seen to contain a certain dominate ingredient, as much as 90%.

    There are ampoules for every kind of skin concern. If you want to combat your fine lines, then there are specific ampoules containing active ingredients such as cell protein extract, Adenosine, EGF or Acetyl Hexa Peptide which have a high affinity for the skin and help reduce wrinkles. They are meant to be used for a finite amount of time as a booster, therefore the function of an ampoule is to be added to your skin care routine when your skin needs extra intensive treatment. It’s like taking a specific set of ingredients and separating it to do its particular job.

    As they are so powerful (and typically more expensive) you can apply once or twice a week for a short period of time. Follow your normal routine to cleanse your face and then massage the serum from an ampoule on specific areas rather than the full face, before putting on your moisturiser for a boost.  If you’re having a particular bad breakout, then apply more often, as regularly on a daily basis in a “skincare bootcamp” period to achieve quality results.

    With our Algovital Brightening and Ant-wrinkle ampoules, you can use them daily, morning and night after applying your essence. By having this routine, your skin will look and feel enhanced, as well as benefitting from the boosting of collagen. The routine will also calm the skin and provide essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing.