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    What is BC cream? – A must have product from Algovital Angel

    While you may not kiss your BB cream and CC cream goodbye, you may want to say hello to our new MUST HAVE beauty product, BC cream!

    Algovital Angel brightening and hydrating Blemish Cover (BC) cream combines the benefits of both the BB and CC creams.  We love the idea of a BC cream that can brighten, and hydrate at the same time- and this is exactly what Algovital Angel BC cream does.

    When browsing beauty counters, you have probably come across BB and CC creams, each product comes in different shapes, textures and formulas. Each of these creams are designed to target different skin concerns.

    BB stands for Blemish Balm and is a tinted moisturiser with a bit more coverage and other benefits such as SPF factor, serum and moisturise. CC stands for Colour Correcting, and again is a tinted moisturiser but it works better for those who want to conceal skin problems such as age spots as well as correct skin colouring.

    Our brightening and hydrating blemish cover cream boasts all the same crucial properties as BB and CC creams. It has versatile combinations of products to moisturise, prime and treat your skin, while also incorporating that much needed sunscreen, an SPF factor of 20. Algovital Angel BC cream also has the added property of targeting discolouration and helping to balance out uneven skin tones.

    This innovative cream uses natural colour tones to cover your skin imperfections including redness, and blotches and the secret is all in the ingredients.

    Our BC product contains Adenosine and Acetyl Hexapeptide which help to keep your skin looking flawless. Together with the coating powder’s adhesion ability, your skin will look completely natural.  The patent ingredient, Karasgen, also keeps your skin healthy and resilient.

    The formula is creamy and will leave a sheer, skin-perfecting coverage however, it can also be layered underneath your foundation for a full- coverage look.

    The cream offers the best of both worlds, this hybrid product with the  combined benefit of BB and CC creams is your answer for new, clear skin. It’s weightless, paraben free formula will feel AMAZING on your skin.

    Discover the full benefits of our BC cream here