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    What to pack for a trip abroad

    It’s finally time to pack your bags and head off into sunnier climates but don’t forget to bring the essential skin care products! But what are they?
    When we’re on holidaying in sun-kissed destinations our skin is exposed to many different elements that it’s normally not used to like salt-water, strong UVA/B rays and hotter temperatures. To make sure our skin is looking just as good as when we leave as it did when we arrived (including a nice tan) we’ve made a list of things to take before you head to the airport!

    1) For when you go to the beach

    The salty water will quickly dry out your skin, even if you avoid the ocean, salt is still circulating in the air. To avoid dehydration, it’s not only important to drink plenty of water, but also to hydrate and protect your skin by using moisturiser or sunscreen containing SPF 30 or more. A face mist is ideal to penetrate the skin’s surface, replenish hydration as well as keeping your skin cool. It can be just the thing your skin so desperately needs. Our Algovital Angel Fresh Face mists provides a level of moisture without leaving the skin sticky and perfect for the beach!

    2) For when it’s time to wrap up the beach towel and head to dinner

    Being exposed to sun for an extended period of time will require some aftercare. To make sure your skin is prepped and ready for another day it is important to use products that will nourish and calm your skin. After your shower, before you head down to dinner, put on a sheet mask. Our Hanbishu Aqua mask is packed full of 70 different types of minerals that aids skin hydration. Place on your face for 15 minutes to ensure your skin absorbs all the nutrients leaving it supple, glowing and ready for the next day. Keep using a facial mist throughout the day will help soothe sensitive and irritable skin which are common side effects of sun exposure. If you have sensitive skin trust us; a mask before bedtime is fantastic way to your skin some extra love!

    3) Treating your skin after holiday

    Once you get home, it’s just as important to maintain moisture level to help pro-long your tan and keep that all over glowing effect. Use a deep-acting moisturiser on your body will help reduce flaking as well as soothe any irritations from sun exposure.

    Our Algovital Angel Light body lotion contains natural botanic oils and shea butter. The perfect balance of oil and water restores your skin to its natural healthy state. A must have for everyday!

    So, before you pack your bags and head to the airport this summer, don’t forget to pack all your products from Algovital Angel Range! Your skin will thank you.

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