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    Winter Skin Care Tips

    Winter has officially arrived which means a big drop-in temperature, cold harsh air, heating on full and hot showers – all of which zaps the moisture from our skin. It also means that it’s time to adjust your skincare routine to combat dry, flaking, itchy and tight skin!

    So, what has one got to do to get that soft glowing skin in winter?


    While we enjoy the cosy nights in away from the dry winter air, we’re probably unaware what these elements are posing for our skin. Using a humidifier will put moisture back in the air, which can prevent all the damaging effects and help you maintain that glowing skin. Alternatively, you can place bowls of water on your radiators to ensure the air humidity in your home is high enough to avoid getting dry skin.


    Limit shower and temperature

    Long hot showers and baths are fantastic for heating you up on a cold winter’s day, but excessive use of hot water on your skin (bar hand washing) can inflame the skin causing redness, itching and disrupts the natural balance of moisture. Keep your skin healthy by turning down the temperature and using lukewarm water to wash.


    Face wash

    The wrong facewash can worsen dry and itchy skin, so you don’t want to further strip your skin of natural oils with the wrong cleanser. Opt for a luxurious cream cleanser that says ‘hydrating’, and contains natural ingredients and extracts as well as free from soap and alcohol. Macadamia and jojoba oils are great hydrating agents for the skin.



    Regular exfoliation is great for the skin as it removes dry and dead skin cells – it’s the route for healthier looking skin. Your skin will be better prepped to receive penetrating moisturisers or serums. The use of a non-scrub exfoliator is perfect to get that super soft feeling skin. Beware of physical scrubs that contain beads or granules, as that can cause redness and further irritate dry skin.



    This seems the obvious, but moisturising is key to keeping your skin hydrated in winter. Many people need to switch to a heavier formula; creams and ointments are the best for this season rather then gels and lotions. Transform your winter skin with a rich, chemical & alcohol free and hydrating moisturiser for your skin type and use daily, both morning and night.



    Facemasks are a simple and quick fix to dry and dull looking skin. They are packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acids specifically designed for hydrating your skin. Use one once a week after cleansing and leave on for twenty minutes to gain the full impact of the ingredients.



    Don’t forget your lips. For many of us the cold winter weather brings dry, chapped and cracked lips. You can exfoliate your lips gently by rubbing with a wet facecloth or a toothbrush to remove dry skin and then apply a rich moistening balm to protect them.